How to Skateboard in 7 Days

Day 1- Review Equipment and How To Push Videos

Watch this video FIRST!

This Second”¦


Get Smart – Watch Vids
#1. Equipment Needed
#2. Become a Transportation Expert

Day 2- Practice Turns

3 BIG Practice Tips for MASSIVE Turns

  • Look where you turn.
  • Put your weight into either the toe-side or heelside as you push on the tail.
  • Practice doing BIG turns.

    DAY 3- Practice Tick Tacks and Crab Walking

    As easy as tic tac toe! Put your back foot onto the tail and then front foot into the nose. This is the perfect trick to learn in order to get comfortable with your balance. You MUST learn this to ollie and advance.

    Day 4- How to Stop.

    Stopping on a skateboard is actually quite easy. There are many ways you can stop.

    1. Jump off your board. (this works best if you are not going very fast.
    2. Drag your back toe on the ground. Let the inside of your back toe drag on the ground to stop you.
    3. Tail drag. Put your weight into your tail and let the wood of the tail touch the ground. When your board stops, take your front foot off. This is a more difficult way to stop. Many beginners have trouble with this.

    Day 5- Inclines! Hills! Oh My”¦

    You first hill shouldn’t be very big. Try to find something small and smooth. If you start small, you can always work your way up to a bigger hill.

    Before you go down the hill, make sure your stance is wide on the board. Make sure your front foot is not facing forward, but either covering three bolts or facing the side.

  • Keep you arms out for balance.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Look forward. Look where you are going. Your board will follow.
  • Keep you ankles locked so you don’t get speed wobbles.
  • If you need to turn, put your wieght into either your toes or heels. This will turn the direction of the board.

    Day 6- How To Ollie

    How To Skateboard – How To Ollie

    One of the most frequent questions I get is how can I ollie higher on a skateboard? My friend, it is easier than you think. Would you believe me if I told you there is a foolproof process to 1”² foot high ollies?
    One of the biggest mistakes I see beginners doing is a super fast pop and kick. Are you one of those beginner getting the ollie 2 inches off the ground? You are not practicing with delay between the pop and slide up. You are literally doing a different version of a tick tack. To get a higher ollie, you must let the front of the board lift up to it’s max height. The higher the front goes, the HIGHER the board goes”¦
    The second mistake is beginners are not putting enough power into their ollies. Their pop is weak and their front foot is not hitting the nose. You WILL ONLY GET RESULTS if you put all of your power into controlling the board.
    Once you have put POWER into the board, you need to make sure you let the board do it’s MAGIC. Make sure you JUMP as HIGH AS YOU CAN. An impressive jump will lead to 10”³”-12”³” high ollies.
    Did you now the world record for the ollie was recently set on February 15th, 2011 by Aldrin Garcia at 45”³” inches? That is ALMOST four feet. Aldrin is only 67”³” inches tall. So no matter what your height is, a good ollie is in the technique.

    Want to see that record-breaking ollie?
    The ollie is the “”base trick”” of ALL of tricks. You MUST learn this and feel confident with getting the board up. Make sure you practice and find a mentor. Go to your park and watch people who are ollieing high! Study their techniques and copy what I have just mentioned in this article.
    This ollie is NOT luck. This is technique. Pro skaters are consistently ollie’ing 12”³”-16”³” inches. They know the techniques. It’s time for you to know the same thing.

    One of the most exciting parts of learning how to skate is getting the board into the air. When pushing and turning have been mastered, the next step is learning some tricks. The ollie is the base root of over 100 tricks in skateboarding.

    One of the most exciting parts of learning how to skate is getting the board into the air. When pushing and turning have been mastered, the next step is learning some tricks. The ollie is the base root of over 100 tricks in skateboarding.

    How to Skateboard

    To learn how to ollie, first start in either gravel or grass. This will take the focus off of rolling and balance and into the formation and process of the trick. To start, get used to lifting the front of the board up. This would, essentially be like doing a short manual. After practicing this several times in the grass, then get used to taking the board from flat position to all of the weight on the tail. Your front two wheels should be as high up as the can go.

    After doing this, continue trying to do this quicker and quicker. Eventually getting to the point where you are putting effort into quickly bring the board to Position 1 of the ollie. Position 1 has the front two wheels as high as they can go and the tail touching the ground.

    The next step is to take the board into Position 2. Position 2 means the entire board will be airborne and flat. In thie position, nothing should be touching the ground. The hardest part is learning the transition from Position 1 to position 2. This is all about timing.

    Position 1 will only be for a fraction of a second. If you are keeping the tail touching the ground, you are trying to keep it there too long. The tail should simply pop off of the ground. This will make a popping sound (especially once your are on the pavement). After hearing, the pop, drag your front foot directly forward to the nose. Keep in mind to what until the board lifts high enough in the front, prior to doing so.

    Day 7 -Skate Park Day

    Congratulations! You made it this far”¦ Now, it’s time for you to put all of these skills together and take them to the park.

  • Go down small incline bank ramps (less than 3 feet high)
  • Work on your turning and pushing around
  • Do some ollies

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