Libby MT Skate Shop

The Shop in Libby.

Go Skate opened its doors to cater to skaters in Libby, MT. We are the leading specialist skate shop in Libby . We do our best to promote skateboarding by holding skate contests in Libby, MT. In year 2009, we setup our online shop. With a lot of commitment, we are now one of the leading Independent Skateboard Stores and we provide high-quality skateboards to skaters all over Montana. We have served many of customers since 2010. From day one, we stay driven on our key principles:

  • Wheels
  • Trucks
  • Clothing
  • And a Wide Variety of Boards

    What Do We Sell

    Our Libby Skateboard Shop offers everything from skate apparel to hardware, all from trusted skate brands. We are experts in the skateboarding market and our shop only carries the best brands of skate brands such as:

  • Blind
  • Fallen
  • Habitat
  • Baker
  • Spitfire
  • DVS
  • Palace.

    At Go Skate Skateboard Shop, our goal is to treat our clients in Libby, MT like rock stars by rendering service and fulfilling our promise with quality skate goods

    Libby MT skate shopScroll for Actual Address or Fast and Free Shipping to all Towns in Montana

    We understand that you may want a skateboard now and in person, but I will give you these special gifts for ordering online.

    Shop Online Today and Get The Following Special Gifts

  • A Preferred Application to become one of our staff Get paid to skateboard and stickers
  • Or, I will give you access to our online skate learning program (a $30 dollar value)
  • And, I will give you 10% off on skate lessons

    Libby Location

    Go Skate’s private instruction is customized and starts each student with the basics of transportation, pushing, and turning. At advanced levels, Go Skate’s Shop teaches flip tricks, how to skate ledges, rails, and full vert.

    In 2011, Go Skate performed almost 5,000 private lessons and over 25 camps in MT, Houston, Carlsbad , Venice Beach , Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Libby and more.’s Online Shop created of one of the first nationwide certifications for skateboard instruction. A system that tests trainers on their knowledge of safe and proper instruction. After certification, all instructors are trained and given a customized syllabus to instruct. Over 2,100 instructors have become mobile instructors for Go Skate. Instructors in 2012 included Chad Fernandez, Chris Dobstaff, and Jason Morrisette.

    Shop Our Libby Store Below Now

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