How to 360 with Kurtis Colamonico

Kurtis Colamonico teaches you how to 360 on a skateboard. In this video, Kurtis shows you the proper foot positioning, upper body placement, where to look, and how to scoop the board.

-Before you learn 360’s, you should first feel comfortable with doing 180’s at least 15 inches high. You will need this height in order to spin the board around one more time.

-Use your upper body and head to turn the rest of your body. Start by turning your head in the direction you want your board to go and have the rest of your body follow.

-Keep your toes on your front foot at least 25% off the board. This will help you manage the full rotation.

-Have your back foot in a scooping position. Your back foot should be slightly angled and your heel should be off of the board.

Once you get the 360 down, you can use it in different variations with flips and out of tail slides.



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