You Will Not Believe This Skateboard Developed for Golfers

It is one of the most unlikely pairs, but golfers have made a way to transport themselves around the golf course on a robotic skateboard. The skateboard is powered by an engine and large wheels to transport adult golfers across the green. The device is called, Golf Board.

The golf board has inlets for your feet- much like a snowboard. However, it is steered by your weight much like a skateboard.

In the past, we have seen the development of Mountain Boards, and electric skateboards, but this is one of the first practical conversions of a all-surface electric skateboard. Now, some of the models do have handle bars making the skateboard more like a scooter. All of the units have enough space on them so that a golfer can also transport his clubs on the board.

The device is powered by rechargeable batteries and made by a company in Portland, Oregon. Some golf courses have already expressed interested in purchasing many of these devices in order to rent out to golfers who come to their course.

So here it is.. it looks too bulky to do kickflips on, or to boardslide a rail, but it may serve golfers well as a transportation device around the greens.

The Golf Board can also go in reverse. It can speed up or decelerate using a hand-held remote control. The controller also allows for braking. There is no word on how fast this device goes. My assumption is that it doesn’t go faster than 20 MPH. The Golf Board is 4WD to help you get through the mud and sand traps on the course.

With a size of 50″ x 20″ x 10″, it is a little bigger than a regular skateboard 31″ X 8″

The cost? About the price of a golf cart. A staggering $3595!

The video below shows the “Golf Board” in action. Decide for yourself whether you think the Golf Board will be a hit or a flop!

Watch the video above from one of the founders, Laird, who claims he is also a surfer and a snowboarder. His interest in these sports combined gave him the idea.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of the Golf Board? Do you think it’s a joke? Leave your opinions below.

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