Online Skateboarding Course

Go Skate has one of the best online skateboarding lessons in the world. It has hundreds of students who are learning beginner skateboarding. Forget all of the trick tip videos in the stores! Those tips are irrelevant and not from teachers. Trick Tutor Online Skate Course was made from people who teach skateboarding for a living.

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cd5What will you learn?
-All of your transportation basics
-How to master balance
-How to confidently push
-How to skate the streets without worry
-How to do tricks
-How to skate the park
-And much more!

THE TEACHER The course is shot by pro, Rob Dunfey, who charges hundreds of dollars per hour for lessons. He is the founder of and has personally taught thousands of beginners who to skate. He has been seen on,,, and much more for his skateboarding lessons. He has also been featured in Skateboarder Magazine. You will have nearly FOUR HOURS of high definition video with Rob. The value of this course is nearly $1,000!

STREET CREDIBILITY You may have heard of some of our famous students like Michael Strahan, Shawn White, Jimmy Buffet’s son, or the cast of Big Momma’s House.. …That’s right, some of the biggest names in sports and Hollywood use’s programs because they have heard the trans-formative results!

Our online skateboarding course has over 100 extremely happy, new skateboarders. Join them and learn all of the skateboarding basics plus many popular tricks. The price is $79.99. But for BLOG FOLLOWERS Use coupon code: 75OFF and redeem for ONLY $20. (discount is limited to 25 students).

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