How to Drop In on a Skateboard

Dropping in on a skateboard is one of the most important things to learn in the skate park. It is essential to learn before getting into intermediate mini ramp or half pipe skating.

It can also be daunting. Dropping in causes many people to fall their first time. However, if you learn correctly, dropping in can easily be learned.

Here are the steps to dropping in:

  • 1. Anchor your board into the ramp by using your heel. Keep your weight 50% on the ramp and the rest on the board. You must be stable here to proceed.

  • 2. Start taking your weight off of the back foot and transferring it to the front foot.

  • 3. Start bringing your upper body forward. Move your front shoulder forward past your front foot. Do NOT start twisting your body forward. Keep you body facing sideways- NOT forward.

  • 4. Your front truck should start dropping toward the ramp. The front wheels should touch the ramp naturally. Dont try to kick it down, but you do want to learn forward quickly to avoid doing a manual down the ramp.
  • 5. When your wheels touch the ground, make sure that you look forward.


    Start with a small ramp. The smaller ramp will be better for learning. You can always increase the size of the ramp later. Your main focus now should confidence.

    Start with a ramp that’s not steep. A steeper ramp means you will have to lean more forward. This is more difficult for beginner skateboarders. A bank ramp is an ideal ramp to start practicing on.

    Dropping In Video

    As you saw in the video, we show you some exercises that you should try first. These are crucial to developing your confidence. The number one thing that will determine your success on a skateboard is your confidence. This is especially true for dropping in.

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