$20 in Free Swappow Credit

I recently came accross +Swappow. It is a marketplace to buy, sell, rent, lend or even donate our quality pre-owned Action Sports gear. From boards and bikes, to shoes, hats, cameras, clothes or collectibles, as long as it’s skate, surf, snow, bike or wake-related, you can all post it here for free and hook up someone else.
With skateboarding, I know we often have old decks, wheels, and trucks that we want to sell or get ride of. This is a pretty good place to do it.

+swappow has a free iPhone app or just take some pictures, upload to your computer and get listing.

Check out the video below:

+swappow credits work like cash at +swappow, but you can also sell your stuff for cash too – it’s totally up to you. Then just come back and shop on +swappow or go support your local shop and buy new stuff from them.
+swappow is about doing good-
+sharing is easy here. renting and lending your stuff is something you can only do at +swappow. So, if you have an old board or bike laying around and you want to make some cash or make new friends, just rent it out for credits or cash or just lend it. If you want to hook up a kid, list it super cheap or you can donate it too.
+swappow was built to get more kids riding and rolling.

You can get $20 in free +swappow credit to go shopping with and you can earn up to $40 more just for listing or selling your gear for +credits here.

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