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Lesson Pro offers surf lessons throughout the United States using the top instructors in the country. Surfing is a huge cultural activity and a lifestyle. Be careful: surfing is addictive and you may be needing to get in the water on a daily basis, if hooked. Learning how to ride the waves, stand on the board, and balancing is the starting point.

Once you learn how to catch a wave, your surfing experience is largely dependent on the conditions rather than your ability. We will teach you how to read conditions and also how to tell what waves are good waves. Reading waves is one of the crucial factors of surfing.

Pricing is from $47.50 per hour per lesson and up. If you are looking to get a single lesson it will be substantially more than that. We are not the cheapest option, but we are the best quality option for you.

Rentals: We do provide surfboard and wetsuit rentals. This is for an additional cost. We recommend buying a board and suit in order to start because you will need it to practice after the lessons. Surfing takes a lot of experience and patience.

Lesson Pro Surf

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